New pants for Mr & Mrs Christmas! Competition December 10, 2016 07:40

I need new pants!

Ok, so everyone wears pants, don't they? Well we heard a rumour that Mother Christmas and her famous partner in crime; Father Christmas have a distinct lack of Thunderpants in their lives at the moment...

To help them out we have launched a new Thunderpants UK Competition to design them a new pair each! 

How do I take part?

Download from this page, our Facebook page an entry form (see below) or pick up a one up at the Surf Snowdonia Christmas Market!

Mrs Christmas Entry Form (bilingual English/ Welsh)

Father Christmas Entry Form (bilingual English/ Welsh)

Colour in either Father or Mother Christmas' new pants!

Either hand your entry in at the Surf Snowdonia Christmas market and or post to Facebook/ Twitter using the #Thundies

The overall competition winners will be announced on 18th December!  We've had to sign a secrecy clause ( sorry) with the Christmas's as to not to reveal their favourite too soon!!

What will I win?

crayon rocks We have arranged for a lovely big bag of crayon rocks (16) and a pair of men's or women's Thunderpants in the style/size of choice from the Colour Me range!

Terms & Conditions