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OK...  so there is no easy way of saying this.. the last couple of months,  post-Brexit have been pretty tricky at Thundertowers!  I'm sure many of you will have understood that the decision to leave the EU has had a massive impact on those of us who are currently importing goods from abroad to sell here in the UK! So we've decided the best way to deal with this is to be totally open with you, our lovely customers!

Sadly the impact is not positive... The pound has taken a massive hit against the NZ dollar (and other currencies, but that's the main one we're concerned with!)  to give you an idea pre-brexit the exchange rate was about $2.35 to £1 and now it's more like $1.80. As you can imagine this has meant we are now paying substantially more per pair of pants that we import- approx £3 per pair!  Scary huh! and that doesn't even include duty and VAT!

Therefore we are forced into the position that if we wish to stay trading we're going to have to pass at least some of the price increase on!   Believe me we don't like having to do this, but it's the only option.  We don't make lots of money doing this... the plan was to use the opportunity to establish the brand and raise some money to start manufacturing here, it's just happening a bit faster than I thought!

We also feel a bit strange, as we can't apologise for something that is beyond our control.

Therefore as of the 5th September the price increase with come into play;

  • Womens Originals & Hipsters will go up to £19 per pair
  • Mens Fitted Boxers £22
  • Socks £19

We will still have a GET10 Discount, but you will now need to spend over £50 and finally you need to spend over £60 to get Free Shipping.

So we hope you can be understanding and love the product enough to keep buying!

UK manufacture is now the only way forward... So off to source some organic cotton jersey...!

Big Love TPUK x