Website restock! March 08, 2017 21:13

Website restock!

Spring is here! and the website has been restocked with lots of lovely thunderpants!  The new Lime floral print is celebrating the fresh and zesty new weather that is to come, there's also some French stripe in Mens' fitted boxers for the sailor in your life.

Thunder-stockings! November 13, 2016 18:48

Thunderpants Socks for Christmas

So what sort of socks will you be hanging up for Father Christmas this year or maybe your a pillowcase person?

Well here at TPUK we will be hanging up a couple of lovely Thunder-stockings! I'm pretty certain the colour selection will be mixed- we have visitors this year!

Our socks are made of lovely merino wool which is especially good at keeping feet sweat free and non-smelly!  There also pretty good at keeping them warm in the winter- just right for snuggling up in front of a lovely log fire! 

Check out our sock options ! Bicycles, Citrus spots or Rainbow?  

A traditional Christmas pressie for your feet!

What's your favourite Stockings or Pillow cases?