More stock added to the SALE March 28, 2017 00:00

Mrs Thunder is OK

More stock has been added to the Sale!  The good news is Mrs Thunder is just about coping- she says your all pretty good customers and probably deserve a bit of a break!  

She's a terrible stern lady with a heart of GOLD...  well, only if she's not sold it yet...


Black Friday... November 24, 2016 01:00

Black Friday

Well, tomorrow is Black Friday... and here at Thundertowers we've made a decision.

We're not doing it...  

Why not?  Isn't it a great marketing opportunity?  Everyone loves a deal don't they? Don't you like your customers?

It is a great marketing opportunity, we can't argue with that... but as with everything, those huge discounts you see from big retailers have come to from somewhere.  Or maybe it tells you something about what the cost of making the product you are buying ...?  The big retailers aren't being philanthropic, they're still making a big mark up on what you buy even with the discount and with this it potentially means somebody somewhere in the chain is suffering... 

Please don't think we're being holier than thou.... Just like most people we love a bargain, but when you're running a small business you start to realise the impact these deals have...

We take pride in the fact our pants are made with thouhgt and consideration and the people involved with making get paid fairly too!    

We love our customers and we like to ensure we can give you all a pretty good deal all year round... 

So just remember GET10 gives you 10% off all year round on spends over £50 and if you spend over £60 FREE Shipping!

So something to think about...

You may like the deal , but do you like the potential impact these discounts have?

Please help be the change and support small businesses during this festive season!


Thunderpants UK Sale | Get you cheeky goodness here! August 31, 2015 00:01

Thunderpants UK Sale


The 1st ever Thunderpants UK sale

Lots of sizes, both original and hipster :)
Hurry some are bound to go faster than others...
End of line organic cotton pants on sale to clear the way for more lovely Thunderpants!
New prints and colours coming soon... Watch this space!