Website restock! March 08, 2017 21:13

Website restock!

Spring is here! and the website has been restocked with lots of lovely thunderpants!  The new Lime floral print is celebrating the fresh and zesty new weather that is to come, there's also some French stripe in Mens' fitted boxers for the sailor in your life.

Merry Christmas from Thunderpants UK December 23, 2016 16:57

Merry Christmas from Thunderpants UK

Merry Christmas to all our customers, we hope you enjoy this holiday season.  Thank you for your custom this year!  

Thunderpants UK is now on Holiday until the 4th January 2017, the webshop will still be open and we will be processing orders on our return!  

And the winner is... December 18, 2016 17:57

Thunderpants Prize Winner!

Mrs Christmas has new pants!  Congratulations to Ziggy, age 5 whose winning entry was picked today from over 100 entries received to our New pants for Mr/Mrs Christmas Competition!  We loved the use of media , both the crayon rocks and fabric pens, and of course the escaping reindeer! It was really hard to pick, we had loads of fab entries!

Thank you to everyone who entered- loads of effort!

Ziggy has won a big bag of crayon rocks (16 different colours) and a pair of pants to colour in/ freestyle on for either of his parents!

Crayon rocks

Black Friday... November 24, 2016 01:00

Black Friday

Well, tomorrow is Black Friday... and here at Thundertowers we've made a decision.

We're not doing it...  

Why not?  Isn't it a great marketing opportunity?  Everyone loves a deal don't they? Don't you like your customers?

It is a great marketing opportunity, we can't argue with that... but as with everything, those huge discounts you see from big retailers have come to from somewhere.  Or maybe it tells you something about what the cost of making the product you are buying ...?  The big retailers aren't being philanthropic, they're still making a big mark up on what you buy even with the discount and with this it potentially means somebody somewhere in the chain is suffering... 

Please don't think we're being holier than thou.... Just like most people we love a bargain, but when you're running a small business you start to realise the impact these deals have...

We take pride in the fact our pants are made with thouhgt and consideration and the people involved with making get paid fairly too!    

We love our customers and we like to ensure we can give you all a pretty good deal all year round... 

So just remember GET10 gives you 10% off all year round on spends over £50 and if you spend over £60 FREE Shipping!

So something to think about...

You may like the deal , but do you like the potential impact these discounts have?

Please help be the change and support small businesses during this festive season!


Important Thundernews August 30, 2016 07:31 3 Comments

OK...  so there is no easy way of saying this.. the last couple of months,  post-Brexit have been pretty tricky at Thundertowers!  I'm sure many of you will have understood that the decision to leave the EU has had a massive impact on those of us who are currently importing goods from abroad to sell here in the UK! So we've decided the best way to deal with this is to be totally open with you, our lovely customers!

Thunderpants product test! October 29, 2015 21:46


Thunder in my pants!

A little while ago we asked the 2 Blondes of if they would like to take a couple of pairs of thunderpants for a trial?  For those of you who haven't come across the 2 blondes blog, it's a great read for anyone interested in the outdoors or in the trials and tribulations of being a women participating in outdoor activities!  
So they decided to take them Wild Camping... It seemed quite fitting!  Read about their adventures here;

Thunderpants UK Sale | Get you cheeky goodness here! August 31, 2015 00:01

Thunderpants UK Sale


The 1st ever Thunderpants UK sale

Lots of sizes, both original and hipster :)
Hurry some are bound to go faster than others...
End of line organic cotton pants on sale to clear the way for more lovely Thunderpants!
New prints and colours coming soon... Watch this space!



Being and being better... July 08, 2015 23:59

We're very excited here in North Wales...  It's been a long time coming, but Thunderpants UK is now up and running!

Running is a good description of the last few months, as it feels a bit like we haven't stopped... It's not been without adversity, but the ongoing plan is to 'run' at a slightly more relaxed pace, time to think is always good.

We're really pleased to be able to bring Thunderpants here to the UK and we love that our pants come all the way from New Zealand: it makes them super special!

Thunderpants NZ are seriously nice people, so it really helps to have great people to be working with. 

To help raise money to fund our future plans, we're currently importing both Women's Original and Women's Hipsters from NZ and then selling them via the intraweb. We've learnt awful lot about import and VAT in the last 6 months to say the least...  We may even do a few trade shows and other local activities:

Watch this Space!

Hopefully we won't be importing for too long, because we really believe local production is best!  It means more jobs to help grow our local community.  North Wales has quite a long history linking it to the textile industry; a number of our coastal villages were 'the' place  to come on holiday to for the cotton mill workers of Lancashire during the 19th/early 20th century.  

We also want to be a fair in how we trade and how we treat people; it's seems pretty reasonable to do this is this day and age.  The plan to try to consistently get better at stuff such as being more ethical and making better choices. Some stuff can't happen straight away and that's frustrating. There are so many ways we can make decisions and it's not always as clear cut as you originally think...

What is really boils down to is

Being Better

it's not a small task...