Thunderbirds are here! July 16, 2017 18:26

Thunderbird thunderpants

Thunderbirds are here!

These lovely New Zealand native birds fluttered into stock along with a number of other new prints!

A purple kereru, a stripey kiwi, or a polka dot kaka… you decide! Our latest design in the Colour-Me prints are Thunderbirds - grab yourself some NZ birds for your bum.

Use a Bag 'O Crayons* to brighten up and personalise any item from the Colour-Me catalogue. 

Alternately if you have your own pens, crayons or fabric paints- so many options!It's a pretty long way for them to have travelled, but they seem all refreshed now and raring to go!

We also know you thunderfans love a new print so check so other the other options now in stock too!