Organic & New Zealand made

Exacting standards and keeping it local

One of the things we do take seriously is the exceptional quality of our clothing and we are pretty uncompromising when it comes to this. That’s why all Thunderpants clothing is made from certified organic cotton and all of the production process is as local as we can feasibly make it.

The organic cotton we use in our fabric is grown in Indonesia without the use of chemicals or pesticides and processed to strict SKAL standards (International Standards for Sustainable Textile Production) and most of our fabric is knitted in Levin, New Zealand near the home of TPNZ. Our fabric is hand-printed with our bold designs in Martinborough and for larger runs, the fabric is printed in Auckland or occasionally Australia. Organic inks and dyes are used for printing and dying our fabric so only the best quality materials are used to make Thunderpants clothing. The fabric is sewn into undies or other items of clothing in Carterton, also near the home of TPNZ.

Every aspect of production, from how our fabric is made and our clothes sewn is traceable, tested and controlled for quality.

Our aim is to produce clothing you can feel great about. And that’s not only how and where the clothing is made, but when you wear it too!

Take pride in your undies.


The BIG Challenge is to make this happen here in the UK!