The story so far...

The birth of Thunderpants UK

About 5 years ago whilst searching the interweb, looking for comfy organic cotton knickers we happened across the wonder that is Thunderpants... Curious as to how comfy, comfy really was, the order was sent to obtain a couple of pairs!

4 years on, looking for new exciting things and of course still comfy, the opportunity to share the revelation that is Thunderpants arose.  A large order was obtained and a small shop on the interweb was set up!

Just like Thunderpants NZ we believe in the

Quality over Quantity- a philosophy

Thunderpants UK is a small family business that values time spent on the important things such as each other, not taking life too seriously, good quality products that last and of course really nice food!

We hope hope you like Thunderpants as much as we do!

Plans for the future

We love that our pants come all the way from New Zealand- it makes them super special; they've been made by lovely people, but...

We believe;

  • Local production is best-  more jobs to help grow our local community. 

  • Being fair in how we trade and how we treat people.

  • Being better is the plan, we aim to try to consistently get better at stuff such as being more ethical and making better choices.

So in short we're going to make them here!