Crayon Rocks


Grab yourself a Bag 'O Crayons to brighten up and personalise any item from our Color me prints like Lorien's Zoo, Specs or even Plain Vanilla.

 8 x non-toxic, eco-friendly crayons in a bag. They are, however, small enough (1.5 inch x .75 inch x .75 inch) to be a potential choking hazard to very young children. 

Simply draw on your selected items and iron between two pieces of clean scrap fabric on cotton setting without steam. These crayons are not specifically designed to be fabric crayons, but TPNZ have tested them in house as an eco friendly alternative to plastic pens and a less messy alternative to fabric paints.

They have also been wash tested using our usual washing instructions, do not soak or bleach. Use a gentle detergent in a cold machine wash and dry your Thunderpants on the line, not in the drier. If eventually they do fade, you can use your crayons to colour them in again, double the fun! 

Made in US* from soy oil, a renewable resource, they are an environmentally better choice over traditional petroleum wax crayons.

* We would love to find a UK alternative!

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